Frozen force tester
Brabender viscosity test instrument
Gelatin transparency tester
Melting point apparatus
Determination of solubility of intelligent instrument
Intelligent tablet hardness tester
Intelligent disintegration apparatus
Melting time tester
Friability tester
Drug stability tester
Clarity detection instrument
The spares .The spare parts
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Tianjin chuang xing electronic equipment manufacturing co., LTD
Address: developing hydratight huayuan industrial district six hydratight green industry base 6 K2-1-301
Zip code: 300384
Telephone: 022-85689482
Fax: 022-85689482
Phone: 13516259591
E-mail: 022

JS-3Freezing Force Meter 2019 Version
JS-4 Frozen force tester
JS-3 Frozen force tester
JS-2B Frozen force tester
JS-2 Frozen force tester
JS-1 Frozen force tester
ND-1 Brabender viscosity test instrument
TM-2 Gelatin transparency tester
RD-3 Melting point apparatus
RD-2C Melting point apparatus
YD-4 Intelligent tablet hardness tester
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Copy:Tianjin chong hing electronic equipment manufacturing co., LTD Tel:+86-22-85689482 ADD:Huayuan industrial district sea Thai development in the six 6 Thai green industry base K2-1-301 Web:http://www。tjcxdz。cn
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